La Superbe is an art direction and creative agency.

We sell creative products and services to businesses, helping our clients increase their audience and deliver the best integrated, digital and print experiences to their customers

We specialise in fashion, beauty, jewellery and luxury e-commerce.


We're designing the search engine for the fashion world. We felt their was a need for a next generation platform to showcase confirmed and upcoming photography talent.
The platform currently has more than a 1000 curated talents, photographers, illustrators, agents and growing.

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Fashion in Movement. There is a new breed of fashion imagery emerging, one that is a hybrid of photography and short-length video.
We decided to create a platform and showcase a curated selection of fashion videos and gifs.

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New Business

Do you have a business idea? Don't know how or where to start?
We're always happy to help. Get in touch or visit our products page to learn about all our set price products to design and grow your business.

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